In the day and age of mass production and fast fashion, we at ZURI wanted to design something that was traditional but not old, new but not fast, modern but not mass. Inspired by our shared memories of growing up in India, we decided to explore some traditional methods of creating personal and home accessories and combine that with a modern look. And thus ZURI was born!  We only use natural, organic fabrics and traditional methods like hand weaving, block printing, screen-printing, tie-dye, to name a few, while designing our products. We design in small batches, making our products one of a kind and customizable*.  ZURI is an attempt to create a unique blend of traditional yet contemporary looking personal and home accessories, which can fit into our lives and home today. 

ZURI which means beautiful in Swahili, is a homegrown Singaporean socially conscious brand that designs and produces products independently. 

ZURI creates unique handcrafted personal and home accessories. The fabrics we work with are carefully chosen to work in tandem with the modern designs and traditional printing methods to give you one of its kind, versatile product. We have explored various traditional weaving and printing techniques from different parts of India, through the years, to create our products. We only use natural fabrics and blends like jute, cotton, canvas, pashmina (cashmere), muslin etc.

Most importantly, we work closely with a non-profit organization in Delhi to create all our products. Founded in 1964, SSMI is a secular, independent, non-profit society. that trains and employs women from underprivileged background . Not only do they help employ these women and help secure their future, they also have a school for  their children which takes care of their education and meals.